LNW-5 Basic Model

  • Simple Operation 
  • ON/OFF Toggle Power Switch  
  • ZERO Knob 
  • 1% to 2% Accuracy
  • Count by 10 to 19K or by 100 to 199K
  • Simple Internal Span Adjust
  • Manual
  • Quick Cal Guide sheet
  • Flyer
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Introduction to the LNW-5

The LIFT-N-WEIGH 5 forklift scales and loader scales operate on the principal that there is a direct correlation between the pressure in the cylinder and weight on the forks. A pressure transducer in the instrument changes the hydraulic pressure in the primary lift cylinder to an electronic signal which is displayed as weight on the forks.
  Installation of your lift truck scale consists of mounting the weigh meter, pre-calibrated to customer's specs, at a location that is convenient and easy for the operator to read. Installation consists of installing a 1/4" NPT female fitting (not included with the scale) in the hydraulic line between the control valve and the primary lift cylinder and connecting the power cord to the battery. The 6' hose furnished with the scale has, at each end, a male 1/4" pipe thread fitting. One end screws into the fitting customer furnished and other end into the swivel elbow on back of LNW.

Final Calibration on the vehicle The LNW-5 is Zeroed with the Knob underneath and then given  using  a known weight and adjusting the Intenal span control.   No further adjust.


Basic Model
Capacity: Up to 199,900
Graduations: by 10 to 19,000
                by 100 to 199,900
Power: 12 VDC to 50 VDC External Filter/Regulators provided for protection
Display: 6 Digit LCD (0.70")
   White LED Backlight
Controls: Zero Knob, ON/OFF switch; Internal Span Pot
Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Housing
Dimensions: Case - 5.75" W x 3.75" H x 3.5" D Overall - 6.75" W x 6" H x 4.75" D  
Accuracy: 1% to 2% of capacity depending on the Mechanical condition of the vehicle and method of operation by the user

Pacific Scale Co., Lift-N-Weigh Mfg. Dept Features
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One (1) year warranty on our products.
Five (5) year warranty on our Main board electronics.
Toll Free Telephone support 800-537-1886 ext. 109
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